HP’s Envy 6055 takes home a wide range of functionalities at a pocket-friendly price and smooth design. To assure that you enjoy all the characteristics mentioned here, download and install the needed software drivers from 123.hp.com/envy6055 or from the installation CD that got along with the hp printer.

  1. Print borderless photos and scan reports suddenly at a remarkable resolution.
  2. Save paper and the planet with automatic two-sided printing and recyclable ink-cartridges.
  3. Printing made problem-free with HP’s wireless printer setup.
  4. The print also with optional high-capacity cartridges and save energy at a similar time, for the Envy 6055 is ENERGY STAR passed.

123 HP Envy 6055 Specifications

What’s more, you can presently print from everywhere with an active Internet connection utilizing HP ePrint and HP All in One Printer remote. Given here are the specifications for 123 hp envy 6055.

  1. ISO speed: 7 Up to 8.8 ppm black, Up to 5.2 ppm color.
  2. Scan resolution: Up to 1200 x 2400 ppi hardware.
  3. Scan type: Flatbed
  4. Copy speed: 8 Up to 6 cpm black, Up to 4 cpm color
  5. Standard connectivity: 1 Hi Speed; 1 Wi-Fi 802.11n, USB 2.0
  6. Duty cycle (No. of pages printed per month): 9 Up to 1,000 pages
  7. Display: 2.0 inch (5 cm) Hi Res Mono LCD
  8. Border-less printing: Yes (up to 8.5 x 11 in, 216 x 297 mm

123 HP Envy 6055 Setup

HP Envy 6055 Printer Opening

This part includes the basic setup method for the 123 hp envy 6055. To know how to download and install software from 123.hp.com/envy6055, jump to the next part titled Installing Print drivers.

  1. Try to open the cover of the box and remove the blue lines, cartridges, and the power cord. You’ll regard that the tri-color cartridge begins with a card attached to it. This card will assist you to select the best cartridges once you’re out of ink.
  2. Once you’ve set out the cartridges and the power cord, remove the cardboard cover from the hp printer.
  3. Utilizing the holders on the clear plastic cover, pull the printer out of the cardboard box and remove the Styrofoam caps attached to both sides. This cardboard box can be set aside for recycling if you wish to do so.
  4. Slide the printer out of the transparent plastic covering and pull out the blue tapes on the outside of the printer.
  5. Presently, strip out the transparent films covering the control panel area and eliminate all the cardboard items and tapes in the scanner, ink cartridge access area, and paper plate. Verify the inside of the ink cartridge access area and paper plate again for any packaging materials before closing the cover and sliding the plate back in again.
  6. Sliding the paper width leads away from each other after eliminating the excess packaging materials.

Your 123 hp envy 6055 is ready to be switched on. To turn on the hp printer, remove the twist level from the power cord and connect one edge to the back of the hp printer and the other edge into the wall socket. Although power tapes may be used, it is suggested that you connect the power cord right into the wall socket so that any power problems may be avoided.

  1. Touch the power button and wait for the printer to still down if it was making any sounds.
  2. Utilize the arrow buttons to scroll by the languages and select a language of your choosing.
  3. Click Yes to verify your option of language.
  4. Next, scroll by the list of countries/ regions to choose the proper region.
  5. Again, click Yes to confirm your choice.

HP Envy 6055 Insert Ink Cartridges

Next, you’ll be helped to insert the ink cartridges. Raise the top cover operating the cutouts in the side and ready for the cartridge slots to move into the access area. Then, follow the steps given here to insert the ink cartridges into the slot.

  1. Eliminate the tri-color cartridge from its cover and utilize the orange tab to smoothly pull off the film covering the electrical communications and ink end. Take care to not press the electrical communications or ends, as doing so might result in bad electrical contacts and clogs.
  2. Open the cover of the tri-color cartridge latch tool. The color of the cover should resemble the color of the cartridge that is to be entered into the slot. Presently, place the cartridge into the slot and assure that the back end of the cartridge is below the lock lever.
  3. Close the lock tool such that it clicks into position and repeats the same method with the black cartridge.

When you close the top case, the printer will recognize the cartridges installed and a message will be shown on the control panel saying the same. Click OK to proceed with the setup. The printer will say that initializing is in advance and ask you to load common paper. To do so, follow the steps provided here.

  1. Pull out the Input Paper Plate and click a stack of paper on hardcover in order to arrange it perfectly.
  2. Load paper into the plate and modify the width guides such that they touch the sides of the page.
  3. Push the plate inside and wait for the printer to print out an arrangement page. Aligning assures the best print quality and displays the printer where the ink must be left on the paper.
  4. Once the arrangement page is printed, it must be scanned. Raise the scanner cover and place the arrangement page look down on the top-right corner of the scanner glass as a display by the icon on the printer.
  5. Close the scanner cover and touch OK to scan the arrangement page. The printer control panel will show an arrangement successful page once the scanning method is finished. Click OK to proceed.

Presently, a Wireless Setup window will look. The printer can be set up wireless utilizing the CD that came with the printer or by downloading the driver from 123.hp.com/envy6055. Proceed to read the design to get step-by-step guidance on how to install a printer driver from the 123 hp envy 6055 setups.

123.hp.com/envy6055 All-in-one-Printer series Printer Software Installation

To install the needed printer driver, go to 123.hp.com/envy6055 and snap the Download button.

  1. Once the download is finished, click on it to open it or select Run and wait for the installer to extract the required files.
  2. Now, the HP Easy Start Utility opens. It connects your printer to the network in order to activate and register it, apart from installing the latest drivers from 123.hp.com/envy6055. Tap Continue.
  3. Verify the button next to Accept to terms and conditions statement and go on to the next page by snapping Continue. The Simple Start Use then identifies the printer.
  4. Then, allow HP Auto Wireless Connect so that the hp printer gets connected to the related wireless network as your PC.
  5. The installer then connects to the hp printer and applies wireless settings from the PC to your hp printer.
  6. Tap the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions and move forward by snapping Continue.
  7. The installer connects to the hp printer and applies wireless settings from the PC to the hp printer. Tap the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions and move forward by tapping Continue.
  8. The Instant Ink activation page appears presently. Tap ‘Yes, Activate’ to accept the three-month trial. Unless Tap ‘No Thanks’.
  9. The hp printer can be activated and registered at this point by typing the relevant details.
  10. Define how you’d like to utilize the hp printer and the place of the printer. Tap Continue to continue.
  11. Later this step, HP will automatically check for the newest drivers and software for the printer.

The client can install the full software or the Basic drivers for their printers. It is suggested that the client install the full software and drivers in order to see the full functionality of the hp printer. After choosing the required choice, click Proceed to download the drivers from 123.hp.com/envy6055.

  1. After the download is complete, the program will automatically extract the required files and open them. Once the program opens, you can also customize your software collection.
  2. Tap Next and click on the Installation Terms and conditions by snapping the checkbox.
  3. The Installer presently downloads the required software after which it identifies and installs the hp printer connected to the wireless network.
  4. Select how the printer will be used and type the location of the printer again. Next, tap Next to complete the driver setup for your PC.
  5. A Web Services Datasheet is printed automatically by the hp printer when the driver installation is finished.
  6. HP will charge if the Instant Ink service must be initiated once more if it wasn’t done so earlier. So, HP will ask to activate and register the printer once and if it wasn’t before.

HP Connected will open automatically once the Setup is finished. This can also be utilized to activate E-print and other web services. This finishes the download and the installation of software from 123.hp.com/envy6055.

123 HP Envy 6055 ePrint Setup

HP’s ePrint service shortens the gap between you and your printer by making your print from everywhere around the world as long as there’s an active internet connection by easily sending an e-mail to the printer’s email id. Best part? It doesn’t require the establishment of any software in order to be accepted and you can simply and efficiently manage all your ePrint jobs and files by utilizing your HP Connected account.

Although the ePrint Setup makes printing simpler, text style, formatting, and text flow may change from the original text. ePrint services can be enabled on your HP Envy 6055 printer by allowing Web Services. Tap to know more about how to make an ePrint setup on your 123 hp envy 6055.

123 HP Envy 6055 WPS

The WPS is performed only if the software was already downloaded & installed from 123.hp.com/envy6055 or 123 hp envy 6055 setups. WPS allows two systems to be connected over a wireless connection.

There are the relatively simpler push button method and the pin process to make the Wireless Setup viable and install a connection within the system. Ensure that your router supports the WPS before you can get started and snap to read more about the WPS.

HP Envy 6055 Google Cloud Print

Print reports and images from any system that is connected to your printer by a wired or wireless network utilizing Google Cloud Print. Google’s Servers delete your reports once the printing job is finished, therefore making it a secured gateway to print documents. This service doesn’t want any additional software from HP or Google in order to be used.

HP Envy 6055 Airprint Setup

AirPrint is a mobile printing answer that allows you to print reports from your iOS and OS X system if ePrint services are enabled. This setup works on Apple devices.

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