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123 HP Envy 7800 Printer Setup for First Time

HP Envy 7800 Printer simplifies work which is a multifunctional printer. The common functions are Print, scan, and copy. To complete the Envy 7800 setup follow the given steps. After 123.hp.com/setup7800, continue to install the hp envy, 7800 drivers. Our technicians are here to assisting you 24/7.

HP envy 7800 ink cartridge offers attractive printing, faxing, and document and photo scanning. Such printers are designed mainly for home and basic office requirements. Envy 7800 printers can perform tasks like printing papers, web pages, glossy images, and more. 123.hp.com /setup7800 printers blend well into your home and budget. The HP 7800 printer with all-in-one functions is the one you need.

HP Envy 7800 Printer Basic Setup

HP Envy 7800 printer setup is an essential step towards the effective functionality of the 123.hp.com/envy7800 printer. The device requires a high degree of precision to produce consistent prints and outstanding copies.

  1. 123.hp.com/envy7800 is a color printer and has a multifunctional option
  2. It enables you to color photo print, copy, scan, and HP mobile printing
  3. The HP Envy7800 comes with built-in wifi and a wireless direct printing feature.
  4. 123.hp.com/setup7800 can print wirelessly by connecting your smartphones, tablet, and other wireless-enabled devices
  5. 123.hp.com envy7800 has an automatic 2 sided printing feature that cut your paper use by 50%
  6. By using HP all in one remote app you may manage your printing, scan, copy, and fax tasks.
  7. 123.hp.com/envy7800 has a page volume of 100 to 400
  8. 123 HP Setup Envy 7800 comes with a borderless printing feature which has Print speed of black is up to 9.5 ppm and the color is up to 6.8 ppm
  9. 123.hp.com/envy7800 supports Windows and Mac operating systems
  10. hp envy 7800 driver has scan to email feature which allows you to send the scanned documents, files, or photos directly to the recipient from your printer.
  1. First, place the printer box on a flat surface, and remove box the HP Envy 7800 printer device.
  2. Try to remove all the wrapping materials that surround the 7800 device setup for 123 hp.
  3. Now connect one side of the power cord to the backside of the hp envy 7800 printers, and plug the other side to the power socket to load the hp printer.
  4. To turn on your HP Envy 7800 printer system press the power button.
  5. Then lift the access door for Cartridge ink into your hp printer device.
  6. Take the ink cartridge out of its pack and place it in the slot of the ink cartridge. Make sure the ink cartridge is put on its respective slot.
  7. Open ink Cartridge access door after positive installation of the ink cartridge.
  8. Open the paper input tray in your printer system hp envy 7800 ink cartridge to load printing papers.
  9. Place the same size paper stack in the paper tray and slide down to match the papers with the paper slider.
  10. Open the input tray for paper instead.
  11. Now the primary printer setup for the HP envy 7800 printer system is complete, now download the HP Printer driver to boost the output of printers.

123 HP ENVY 7800 Printer Unboxing Set Up

  1. Open and 123.hp.com/envy7800 HP Envy printer, first of all, place the printer box on the smooth surface and remove all the printed tapes
  2. You can find some packing materials inside the scanner lid remove them and close the scanner lid carefully.
  3. Then carefully remove the packing material in the ink cartridge area. And then open the paper tray and remove the tapes in the paper tray. Then push the tray in.
  4. Plug on one side of the cord into the back of the printer, and another side to the wall outlet.
  5. ON the printer and select settings. Language, Region/ Country, and other general setting dialog boxes.
  6. Using the following step-by-step instructions to unpack the HP envy 7800 printers from the case. It is the most critical move, to begin with.
  7. The printer box is placed on a flat and smooth surface to reveal.
  8. Take the wrapping from the package and cover the tapes.
  9. Carefully open the package and hold the printer up and remove the printer from the box.
  10. Place the 7800 hp printer next to the machine to facilitate items.
  11. The next step is the relation of power


HP Envy 7800 Wireless Setup

  1. To set up the wireless communication, 123.hp.com/envy7800 wireless setup wizard display your printer from the control panel.
  2. Go to the settings option and select wireless setup wizard
  3. Then follow the instructions as in the popup dialogue boxes to complete the hp envy 7800 wireless setup.
  4. Once you install the HP printer software and complete the HP printer set up on your computer, you can easily change the connection type with the help of HP software.
  5. To change the connection to the wireless network in Windows
  6. Depending on your respective operating system follow the points.
  7. To work properly, you must connect your 7800 envy printer to the power source. Create a secure power link using the steps below.
  8. Attach one end of the power cable to the device’s back and attach it to the device on the other side.
  9. You should link the cable to the right ports for efficient communication.
  10. Test if the power connection is complete and unchanged.
  11. Create your printer preferences.
  12. The next move is to load the driver of the printer.

HP Envy 7800 For Window Wireless System

  1. To start the setup process initially turn on your 123.hp.com/envy7800 WPS printer unit, wireless router, and Windows computer.
  2. Open your 123 hp printer control panel with Wireless Setup Wizard.
  3. Choose the network that your wireless router supports and confirm your 7800 WPS hp envy setup process by clicking the OK button.

HP Envy 7800 Setup Wireless For Mac

  1. Ensure that your HP Envy 7800 printer unit, wireless router, and Mac machine are switched on to begin the setup process.
  2. Select the Wireless Setup Wizard from your printer’s control panel
  3. From the network, list pick the correct network and confirm the procedure for Mac hp wireless setup.

HP Envy 7800 Wireless Auto Setup

  1. Auto Wireless Setup allows you to automatically connect your HP Envy 7800 printer device to the hp wireless network without any cables or prompting for information about the network.
  2. You need to install the hp envy 7800 software and adhere to the on-screen instructions to use the Auto Wireless option.

HP Envy 7800 With USB

  1. Place your printer system HP Envy 7800 close to your machine.
  2. Attach one end of the USB port to the rear side of the HP Envy 7800 printer unit and to the machine on the other end of the USB port.
  3. Now you are establishing a stable connection between your 7800 printer device and computer envy of 123 hp.

HP Envy 7800 Handheld Wireless Printer

HP Envy Airprint 7800

Airprint is a mobile service that is recommended for Apple users only. With the aid of hp support, the user can easily print documents from Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad, or iPod onto the HP printer system through the Airprint option.

HP 7800 Envy ePrint

EPrint is a cloud-based HP printer service designed to delegate print jobs from anywhere via a secure Internet connection. EPrint enables the user to send print jobs to the printer’s email address via email from network-compatible devices.

HP Envy 7800 Print on Cloud

CloudPrint is a web service that lets you print files from internet-connected devices such as tablets or smartphones. To explore this service, use the manage option to register your 123.hp.com/envy7800 printer on your Google Cloud Print and quickly alter your settings.

HP Envy 7800 Print a Mopria

Mopria Print is a handheld smartphone or tablet printing device for Android, using the 4.4 or later version of the operating system. You must install the hp envy 7800 Mopria Program from the hp 123 setups to enjoy the Mopria Print service.

Google Cloud Print: HP Envy 7800

Google Cloud Print is a cloud service that links your printers. Connecting to the internet allows printing as much as possible from every part of the globe, with Internet connectivity. What you’d need to do is go with 123 hp com configuration 7800 Google Cloud Print allowing printer settings or a classic printer, and a laptop with Internet access.

Installations of drivers/software

Installation of 123 HP Envy 7800 Printer Drivers

123 hp-setup envy7800 has introduced many multi-functional printer drivers. The user must select and install the appropriate drivers on the website. Installation of the driver is quick and simple if you follow the guidelines provided here. Visit the HP support site and download from the list of available drivers the essential driver package.

How to Print Documents?

If you wish, your hp7800 printer should operate on your machine in-app. You must have the driver and printer program installed as previously stated. You can install the required software printer on your computer.

Printing status report and alignment of cartridge

Make sure the text is uncorrupted to be printed. 123.hp.com/setup envy7800 to verify document quality in order to get a better imprint. Ink cartridges of the first grade are necessary to get genuine prints. Using the following instructions to receive perfect printouts.

  1. Print the alignment page to test the print quality as a first step.
  2. Ensure the paper is loaded.
  3. To check print accuracy, test the alignment file.
  4. To align the ink pads, obey the following instructions.

Steps for setup and installation of hp envy 7800 driver:

  1. To update the HP Envy Printer program, use 123.hp.com/setup7800 to pass.
  2. Insert your printer model in the field needed, and click Start
  3. To download the installed driver, tap Envy 7800 Update, then Open, Save or Run on the displaying tab.
  4. To continue installation, double-click the driver data downloaded to your computer.

Follow the directions on the screen and complete the connection to the setup and then the process of installing the driver.

Finally, return to your browser page at123.hp.com/setup and try to complete the registration and activation of your printer.

Install HP Envy 7800 Windows Driver

The windows HP Envy 7800 driver download is available on the 7800 webpages of hp com setup. Consult the Windows website and download the correct windows software.

The driver update lets you connect with advanced HP Envy 7800 printer software.

Enable hp envy 7800 for mac driver

To get the most out of the hp envy 7800 ink cartridge system you need to download and install the latest HP Envy 7800 driver edition on your Mac computer.

Make sure the hp envy 7800 driver you download is compatible with the Mac computer.

Windows 8

  1. Right-click on the start screen.
  2. Go to All apps from the app bar.
  3. Now select your printer name.
  4. Go to utilities
  5. Then click on the Printer Setup & Software.
  6. Now click on the connect the printer to wireless.

Windows 8.1

  1. Go to the start icon.
  2. Select your printer name
  3. Click on utilities.
  4. Then click on the Printer Setup & Software.
  5. Now click on the connect a printer to wireless.

Windows 7, windows vista, Windows XP

  1. Click on the Start icon, then go to the All programs and then click HP.
  2. Select your printer name. And now click on the Printer Setup & Software then select Connect printer to wireless.

HP Envy 7800 Auto Wireless Connect

  1. Make sure that your wireless network is working properly, and your printer and computer are using the same network.
  2. HP Envy 7800 All-in-One Printer series can be connected with Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, windows vista, Windows XP, Mac OS, etc.
  3. When you try to connect to your printer, you will be lead to enter the network name and the wireless password. The wireless network name is the SSID. By setting a wireless password it will help to prevent other people to connect to your network without your permission. Depending on the security issues you can use WPA and WEP keys.
  4. If you forget the network password you can check the backside of the wireless router for the password and also you can check the documentation provided with the computer or the wireless network router.
  5. The following instructions allow you to install the printer driver and the device successfully. Your computer should be connected to the internet.
    • Open the default search engine on your computer.
    • Go to the HP Support Site, enter the model printer and click Enter.
    • The phase above will lead you to the page with the list of HP envy 7800 ink cartridges available.
    • Choose the drivers needed from the list suitable for your HP envy 7800 printers.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation process.

123 HP Envy 7800 Connect using USB

  1. First, download and install the HP printer software from 123.hp.com/envy7800
  2. Make sure that the software is compatible with the operating system of your computer and your HP printer.
  3. Select the network type from the settings.
  4. Then click on Yes
  5. Now send your wireless settings to your printer and start the installation.

Connecting your printer via USB cable connection

  1. First, plug the HP printer into the power source outlet.
  2. Then switch ON your HP envy 7800 printers.
  3. Now connect one end of the USB cable to the computer and another end to the printer.
  4. Then your computer operating system will detect the printer.
  5. After connecting the HP envy 7800 printer via USB cable to your computer the printer is ready to print, scan, copy and fax.

123.hp.com/setup hp envy printer

HP Envy 7800 Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

  1. After installing the HP printer software.
  2. Go to the network type and select it.
  3. Then click on Yes.
  4. Now send the wireless settings to your printer.
  5. Then Install the wireless settings.
  6. Now check that your WiFi Direct for your printer is switched ON.

Two Methods to turn on Wi-Fi direct:

Manual Method: Mobile device needs to be confirmed at the printer control panel, before connecting to your HP Envy 7800 printer. The manual method has increased security, then ask for additional pass keys when you want to establish a connection.

Automatic Method: With the help of automatic mode, any mobile device can be connected to the printer. Then Wi-Fi direct can be used when the printer is connected to a computer, no matter if it is a USB cable connection or a wireless connection.

Even more 123 HP ENVY 7800 Printing Setup

123 HP Envy 7800 Apple Airprint

AirPrint is supported for iOS 4.2 and Mac OS into 10.7 or later. Use a printer print wirelessly from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Use your HP unit which supports, photos, Safari, Evernote, etc.

123 HP Envy 7800 Google Cloud Print

A service, that allows printing files from mobile devices or other connected network devices. Connect your tablet, computer, mobile and then print, scan, copy and fax via Google cloud print.

HP ENVY 7800 Mobile Device and Ethernet Support

123 HP ENVY 7800 Print from mobile device

  1. With the help of HP technology 123.hp.com/envy7800, you can easily print with the help of your mobile. Use the printing function/application that is compatible with the HP printer and your mobile device. (123.hp.com/envy7800)
  2. At first, make sure that your HP printer and your mobile device are on the same network.
  3. Go to the photo or document or file you want to get printed.
  4. Now open the document or file you want to get printed.
  5. Then go to the settings option.
  6. Now click on the Print.
  7. If you want to print via wireless connection then you can connect your device to the printer, without a router.
  8. If you want to print via ePrint, then you can easily print by sending an e-mail to your printer with the help of the HP ePrint app.

123 HP ENVY 7800 Ethernet networking

  1. Make sure that you’ve downloaded and installed the HP printer software 123.hp.com/envy7800 which is compatible with your operating system and your printer.
  2. If you are a Windows user, then follow the instructions according to your operating system.

Windows 8.1

  1. Go to the start icon.
  2. Select your printer name
  3. Click on utilities.
  4. Then click on the Printer Setup & Software.
  5. Now click on the connect a printer to wireless.

Windows 8

  1. Right-click on the start screen.
  2. Go to All apps from the app bar.
  3. Now select your printer name.
  4. Go to utilities
  5. Then click on the Printer Setup & Software.
  6.  Now click on the connect the printer to wireless.

Windows 7, windows vista, Windows XP:

  1. Click on the Start icon, then go to the All programs and then click HP.
  2. Select your printer name. And now click on the Printer Setup & Software then select Connect printer to wireless.

Mac users

  1. Set HP Utility in Applications or in HP settings to change the software connection to USB.

Load documents into the tray

  1. After the above steps have been completed, the next step is to load the file.
  2. Unveil the output chamber and delete the output chamber.
  3. Ensure sure the input tray is clean of tapes and safe films.
  4. Place and gently cover the paper stack inside the paper tray.
  5. Pull the extender out once the paper has been loaded.

Print documents using software for HP printer

The built-in HP printer program is recommended by HP to print documents. You will need to install the essential 123.hp.com/setup 7800 support software.

  1. Nutritive the paper stack in the tray
  2. Search for the envy 7800 properties of the printer.
  3. The preferences for ink, color, and screen orientation can be set here.
  4. Press print finally to start the printing process.

HP Envy7800 wireless printer setup

Setup of HP Envy7800 Wireless Printer

Wirelessly connect your HP Envy7800 printer to enjoy its full functionality. You can find it difficult to set up a 123.hp.com/envy7800 wireless printer. But don’t worry, just take these measures.

How TO Use Wi-Fi Direct On 123 HP Envy 7800

You can wirelessly link your HP envy 7800 printers through one of the following apps. The apps are direct HP wireless and direct Wi-Fi. You can connect Wi-Fi-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, or computers to your printer using the above two methods. Use the wireless option to connect the 123.hp.com-hp envy 7800 printers without a wireless access point or wireless router.

  1. See-through the control panel of the HP Envy printer.
  2. Tap the Wi-Fi Direct button. Click.
  3. The choice to control touch settings.
  4. You can connect up to 5 devices via direct Wi-Fi.
  5. Printing from a wireless mobile computer that supports direct Wi-Fi

Switch on your HP Envy 7800 printer and on your wireless computer directly with WiFi

  1. Pick your mobile document and press Print.
  2. The phase above gives you the list of printers available on the computer.
  3. Pick your printer at www.123.hp.com and click OK.
  4. Print from a wireless mobile computer that does not explicitly support Wi-Fi

The compatible printing program must be downloaded on your mobile computer.

  1. On the printer, switch on the direct Wi-Fi feature.
  2. Make sure your mobile Wi-Fi is turned on.
  3. You can get the available network lists on the phone.
  4. Pick your mobile Wi-Fi from the list.
  5. If asked, give the passcode.
  6. Finally, select the mobile and press the printed document.

How to set up your wireless network’s Envy 7800 printer?

Installation of 123.hp.com/setup wireless printer

Wireless machine printing (Windows)

  1. Make sure that your computer and HP Envy 7800 printer have a Wi-Fi feature turned on.
  2. In the list of available networks, pick your HP Envy 7800 printer.
  3. In the Wi-Fi environment, you can find your printer.
  4. Type in the password to create the connection between the machine and the printer.



  1. A machine runs Chrome, Linux, OS X v10.7 or later, or Windows XP or later, or a book named Chrome.
  2. Google’s installed Chrome on your computer.
  3. An account with Google.
  4. A Google Cloud Print would need to connect to the same network as your computer.
  5. They can use an active Internet connection.

For Record:

  1. Turn on Printer Devices 123.hp.com/setup7800.
  2. Get Chrome browser help and sign in to your Google Account.
  3. Click the Chrome menu button, then try choosing Settings from the drop-down line.
  4. Move and choose Advanced Settings
  5. Now scroll your cursor to Google Cloud Print further, and press Manage.
  6. Google’s cloud printing senses any hp com printer on your network setup.


Printers Ready for Cloud:

Those printers are directly connected to the web. Ensure your printer is ready for cloud use or is capable of HP ePrint.

  1. Open your chrome page on Google.
  2. On the new tab, try to open devices in chrome:

Using the My Devices and Printer choice to test if your printer is listed below it.

If your printer is identified under My Tools, then the Google Cloud Print itemizes your HP setup of 7800 printers already. To view allowed printer names in Google Cloud Print, select the Manage feature.

Tap Register, and print a confirmation page if it is classified under New Apps. In certain printer titles, you might be asked to use the printer control panel to complete the registration.

If your printer is not registered then make sure that your 123 hp printer is linked to the network or try connecting to the email address of your printer. HP ePrint 123.hp.com/envy7800 must be required to provide an email address for it.


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