How to Capture a Screenshot With an HP Pavilion

HP has been betraying its Pavilion brand of desktop and laptop PC. These are PCs aimed chiefly at the home market and thee are more than 50 models that have been sold over the years. Fortunately, the procedures for taking a screenshot are the same for all of them, as they are for virtually all computers being sold these days. Once you have your screenshot, there are some useful tools for editing or improving your image.


A screenshot is quite what it sounds like: a snapshot of what you see on your PC screen. You can save a screenshot as a picture file. Screenshots are an efficient method of storing data for later reference. You can also do the image to contact correctly what you are viewing to someone more, to display a help-desk operator what your query is, or to take a funny image to send in a mail or share on social media.

Keyboard Screen Shots

Your HP Pavilion PC has a key assigned to the print screen function. It is typically on the top row of function keys and is labeled PrtSc, Prt Scrn, or the same difference. Capturing a screenshot on your HP Pavilion is as easy as touching the print screen key. The picture of what you view on your screen is instantly copied and saved in your clipboard.

Recovering a ScreenShot

Recover your screenshot by clicking Ctrl+V (that is, click the Ctrl and the V key at the same time). This will paste the screenshot into any software that can agree with the pictures, add MS office, and many mail programs.

Editing a ScreenShot

If you need to crop your screenshot or modify the picture quality, you can make this with the Snipping Tool or in the Paint application, either of which comes stored on your HP Pavilion, or with anyone of several picture editing tools so as JPEGView or Irfanviews or with full-fledged photo editing tools similar to the PhotoShop.

Screenshot Software

Instead, you can download program or browser sizes particularly planned to capture, edit, and maintain screenshots. People typically have names like Impressive Screenshot or Fireshot, which can be utilized instead of the Print Screen key and offer a gathering of valuable highlights. You can also utilize the Snipping Tool to take all or part of a screen.

Screenshot Tip

Some screenshot application permits you to take a scrolling screenshot, so you can take a substance that increases past the bottom of your screen. This is recognized as a full-page screenshot.

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