hp Envy 4512 Driver Download and Installation Setup


If you have a fresh HP Envy 4512, you own to set up before you can start utilizing the printer. The Envy 4512 printer setup can be finished in three stages:

hp envy 4512 Hardware setup

hp envy 4512 Wireless setup

hp envy 4512 driver Software setup

Hardware setup also consists of setting up the electrical parts of the HP Envy 4512 printer setup. The wireless setup is to associate the printer to your wi-fi network without any physical connection. Instantly, the program setup bargains with the HP Envy 4512 printer driver and software download and establishment from 123.hp.com/envy4512.

You want to complete the hardware setup and wireless setup before beginning the program setup from the hp envy 4512 driver setup.

HP Envy 4512 Driver Software Setup

To install the printer driver from 123.hp.com/setup 4512

HP Envy 4512 Software Setup for Windows:

  1. Later the wireless setup is complete, eliminating some USB cable connected to the printer.
  2. Presently go to hp envy 4512 driver on google.
  3. Next, verify your printer model and move to the download page. Presently, you can download both the full highlight driver or Primary Driver.

HP Envy 4512 Software Setup for Mac:

  1. The software setup for Mac is the same as that of Windows. Next, select the connection type, the wireless setup is finished, eliminate any USB cable connected to the printer.
  2. Presently go to hp envy 4512 driver on google.
  3. Later, verify your printer model and move to the download page.
  4. The HP envy software install assistant also helps you in recognizing the OS you are utilizing in the PC where the driver is running to be installed. It also recognizes other details and based on that, recommends the proper printer driver.
  5. Presently, download both the full characteristic driver or Primary Driver.

HP Envy 4512 Printer Setup

 HP Envy 4512 printer driver has a measurement of 17.5 widths and 13.2 pitches (in inches), 4.7 crawls in size, and measures around 12.3 pounds. HP Envy is a less costly product when matched with other printer products of HP.

hp.com/setup 4512 means it delays back in some functions that can be used with other HP printer models. But, although of which inbuilt ability, it is drawn with, the display is its main asset. It is drawn with a 2 edge monochrome show and is installed with buttons for navigation.

HP Envy 4512 printer is a multifunction printer (MFP), which allows duplex printing. Your HP ENVY 4512’s software, for example, operators can be downloaded at hp.com/envy4512 or hp.com envy4512.

Install hp envy 4512 Printer Software

  1. Download the product from hp.com/envy4512 printer driver
  2. Assure the software you own downloaded is good for both your printer type and your PC and OS.
  3. Choose the network type.
  4. Choose Yes and send my wireless settings to my printer installing.
  5. Power up your HP output.
  6. Explore the control board on your HP envy printer, which is the LCD screen with buttons and icons, and here is the site you’ll put your printer into service for the next some times of your life.
  7. Before you begin with setup assure you remember the name (SSID) and your password (WEP/WPA) of your system. On the off chance that you can’t remember what it is you can easily communicate with the person, they set the network for you.
  8. Switch ON the control board of your printer you’ll find a Setup button.
  9. Select the Network menu.
  10. Snap-on the wireless setup wizard.
  11. Select your wireless system name.
  12. Type your password.
  13. Presently your printer will be related to the network. You may print a test document to verify.


  1. Establishing or Setting up the printer hp.com/envy4512 driver
  2. Printer connection with the PC or OS.
  3. The Print drivers are defective or old
  4. Your Printer drivers are missing or not installed or an incorrect driver is installed
  5. Stuck in the print spooling zone, your Print spooler error
  6. The printing speed of your printer is easy.
  7. Frequent Paper stuck, Ink Cartridge stuck, and the paper feeder chooses up different sheets of paper
  8. PC hangs During working a printer.
  9. Setting up printer Wirelessly
  10. The problem in configuring hp.com/envy4512 ePrint.
  11. Not ready to print from a mobile phone or wirelessly  


The hp.com/envy4512 printer alignment has a constant USB port for connecting it to a computer. On the peculiar chance that the USB connection is dynamic, next the Web Services won’t be dynamic.

To connect the HP Envy 4512 Printer with the USB link

  1. Switch ON your HP Envy 4512 Printer and the computer.
  2. Insert your Envy 4512 printer driver software CD onto the CD drive of the computer.
  3. Don’t connect the USB link presently.
  4. From your CD Driver install your driver software on your PC
  5. Installation needs a while, complete the installation by using after the on-screen instruction.
  6. Connect the USB link to the computer just when it assists.

Wirelessly to the HP Envy 4512 printer without a router

With the assist of HP wireless direct, you can simply connect your hp.com/envy4512 printer driver to the Wi-Fi allowed PC and mobile phone. With this, you can print straightforwardly by Wi-Fi yet without a remote switch.

HP Envy 4512 clear the Paper stuck from the print zone

To explain away any paper stuck on your HP Envy 4512 printer driver follow the steps given below.

  1. Turn OFF your printer and after the open the cartridge access door.
  2. Eliminate the clean-out as developed in the image given below.
  3. Carefully pull off the stuck paper as performed in the image given below.
  4. After removing the paper stuck completely, put the cleanout once more into its place as developed in the image provided underneath.

Wirelessly to the HP Envy 4512 printer without a router

  1. Click on Wireless Direct, from the desktop on the printer’s performance.
  2. Touch OK, to begin the Wireless Direct.
  3. After the earlier step, choose On without Security, and later that click OK.
  4. Notice the name of your Wireless Direct by touching the button by Display Name.
  5. In the case in the situation that you have allowed security, you can see the password of your Wireless Direct by touching the button next to Password

In common HP ENVY, 4512 printer has all that you essential for getting your work fundamental and easy. This printer has also Energy Star ratings gathering your power. Printing, scanning, and copying choices include changing the distinction, brightness, and turn in the show can be effortlessly controlled using the control board as a part of the printer’s 2 inch LCD display. Finally, this is an excellent printer in this price range with the difference that it doesn’t carry Fax every single other part is notably all-around designed to meet your specifications.


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