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Hp Smart App Installation Setup

Connect your computer, laptop, and mobile devices with your HP printer through the Installation of the HP SMART APP DOWNLOAD.  This app will help you with upgraded smart printing. By using the HP Smart app download you can copy and scan documents or images with your mobile camera. HP Smart app provides editing tools to change the image scanned before it is saved, posted, or pressed. You can print, save your scans locally or in the cloud and share them through emails, text messages, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Follow instructions in the following paragraph to copy or scan using HP Smart App, depending on the type of computer you are using.

  • Hp Smart App Download for Android or iOS.
  • HP Smart App (windows 10 offline installer)

This section provides basic guidance on using HP Smart App software to copy and scan from Android, iOS, or HP smart app (windows 10 offline installer) phones.


Hp Smart App Scan and Print Function

Follow the below onscreen instruction to finish the installation process of the hp print and hp smart app.

Print a picture or document by using hp smart app

  1. You can print from your Android and iOS photographs and records by using the Hp Smart app.
  2. You can also print on Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, and Instagram based on your Android device is controlled by the Hp Smart app.
  3. To begin the printing process, go to HP SMART APP, type Print Documents, print pictures.

        You can pick the document from the cloud, social media, or mobile devices. 

  1.   First Select the document or the picture you want to print, the preview will appear.
  2.   Click on print to start the printing process is done by the Hp Smart app.    

        Your printer scanning  by hp smart app 

  1. Start the scanning process by placing the image or document in an automatic document feeder or on a Scanner Glass.
  2. Now Go to the HP SMART APP. 

        It provides 3 types of scan-scan, scan to Email, scan to Cloud. Select the scanning type that you want to install the Hp Smart app.

  1. Firstly select the origin of the scan by choosing the settings icon of the Hp Smart app.
  2. Then click performed.
  3. Now Select scan to adjust boundaries.

        Additional pages can be added by selecting the extra pages icon.

        When the scan method is complete, select Send, save, share, or print as needed. Scan document with a mobile camera phone.

  1. If you are installed the Hp Smart app download, You can scan the documents or photos as a PDF or JPEG file using your mobile camera, save them on your mobile device, your cloud account, or share them by email.  
  2.   Now Select the document or picture to scan by using the Hp Smart App. 

        Open the HP Smart application

  1.   First Select your mobile device and type of scan.     

        On Android devices: click email scanning camera, cloud scanning camera, or document capture.

        On Apple devices: click Email scanning or cloud scanning or camera scanning needs to install Hp Smart app

  1. After clicking on the image, show the scan preview. In android phones: the boundary can be adjusted manually by changing the blueprints of the Hp Smart app download.

        In Apple iOS, the edges are automatically identified in automotive mode and multi-page scanning is possible rapidly, whereas the manual mode is preferable to scan one or two pages or when the auto mode fails to identify the edges of the item.

  1.   You can modify the preview screen is also done by the Hp Smart app download.

        Additional pages may be added by selecting the extra pages icon.  

        Once you have finished the scan process, choose to Send, save, share, or print according to your needs.

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Hp Smart App Setup For Android Appliances

  1.   The HP Smart App download is supported on Android devices that have the Android OS 4.4 version (KitKat) or later.
  2.   Connect your HP printer after the application is launched. 
  •         Make sure you have the same wireless network as your printer on your android device. 
  1.   First Go to Google Play Store and install your HP SMART APP.
  2.   After the Hp Smart app is installed, open the app, and click on start.
  3.   Accept the terms and conditions for further proceed the Hp Smart app setup.
  • click (+) log in on your home screen, select the printer you want to use if more than one printer is attached to your wireless network.
  • The new HP printer can be added by selecting the added concern Hp printer model or setting the new printer in the Hp Smart app.
  •   Follow the onscreen instruction to finish the installation process of the Hp Smart app.


  1. Go to the Google Play Store and set up the HP Smart App on your Android device.
  2. Once the app is open, open the smart app and click Start.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions to continue the process.
  4. Tap the (+) sign on the home screen, and if more than one printer connected to the wireless network selects the printer you want to use.
  5. You can add a new printer by selecting Add Printer or setting up a new printer.
  6. Connect with the information on the screen to complete the setup process.
  7. HP Smart App is supported within Android Units with Android OS 4.4 (KitKat) or other versions.
  8. Connect your printer after launching the application.
  9. Make sure your Android smart app software is on a wireless network like your printer

Hp Smart App Setup For Apple iOS device

  1.    THE first HP Smart App is affirming on computers with iOS variants of Apple iOS 9 or later.  
  2.   After the app has been installed, start it, and connect it to your printer.

        Ensure your iOS device is on the same wireless network as your printer.

  1.   First Install a SMART APP on your iOS.  
  2.   Click on start to open the smart app after the setup phase.   
  3.   Further to continue to recognize the terms and conditions, The Hp Smart app starts searching for network printers.

        Tap (+) sign on the home screen, choose the printer that you want to use if more than one printer is attached to a Wireless Network.  

        You can add a fresh printer by selecting add printer or configuring a fresh HP printer is to be added by the Hp Smart app.


  1. Install the HP Smart App on your iOS device.
  2. After the setup process, tap to open the smart app.
  3. To continue the process for terms and conditions, the smart application will start looking for printers on the network.
  4. Tap the (+) signal on the house display screen and select the printer you want to use if the two printer is connected to the wireless network.
  5. You can add a new printer by selecting Upload Printer or setting up a new printer.
  6. HP Smart App is supported on Apple iOS devices with Apple iOS nine model or later versions.
  7. After installing the smart app, release it, and attach it to your printer.
  8. Make sure your Apple iOS tool is on the same WiFi network as your printer.




hp smart app scanning images


Checking Tin Level - Order Supplies - Printer Configuration

Hp Smart App For Android phones

   1. In the Hp Smart app by selecting the supported cartridge you can obtain ink cartridge data and by buying it now, you can also order the ink cartridges.

   2. By going to the HP Instant Ink option, you can open the HP Instant Ink dashboard in the Hp Smart app.

        With the printer data icon in Hp Smart app, you can obtain data on the environments, reports,s, and instruments of your printer.

  1. Settings for Printer perspective and update: you can alternate print settings like paper trays, remote mode, auto-off, and more by setting the printer is done by installing the Hp Smart app.

   2. Printing Printer Report: By selecting the printer reports, you can get data about the settings and the printer quality diagnostics and status reports from your printer model in the Hp Smart app.

   3. Printer Tools: For maintenance duties, such as print head cleaning, print quality tools are aligned with the ink cartridge click.     

        To get information about the printer: to get the printer’s status, printer name, serial number, and film ware version, click on printer settings or print information in the Hp Smart app.

        Advanced access tools: You can use advanced configurations in the Hp Smart app to set power-saving mode and verify the status of the network and set your printer’s network settings.

Hp Smart App setup for Apple iOS devices:

1.  If you have a hp smart app, You can get the data about the ink cartridge by clicking on the supported cartridge and you can buy now option to purchase the ink cartridges.  

   2. By going to the HP Instant Ink option in hp smart app, you can open the HP Instant Ink dashboard.

   3. You can find information about the settings, reports,s, and instruments of the printer by using the printer data icon in hp smart app.

        The viewing and updating settings of the printer: you can change the settings of the printer such as paper trays, quiet mode, auto off, and more through the printer settings.

        Printing Printer report: You will be able to get information on the settings page and reports on the printer’s diagnostic quality and status by choosing the printer reports on your printer model.  

        Printer Tools (hp smart app): To perform maintenance duties such as print head cleaning, print quality instruments are aligned with the ink cartridge click. 

  1. The hp smart app to obtain data from the printer: Printer status, printer name, film serial number, and film version, tap printer settings, or printer information. 

Advanced access tools: By clicking on developed settings you can set energy-saving mode and check the status of your network, configuring your printer network settings.

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Print and Download From an Android or IOS Device

Hp Smart app Download for Android or iOS device

1. First Open the HP Smart app.

2. Then Click on the Plus button if you need to switch to another printer.

3. Now Click Copy. The built-in camera will open.

 4. Now Put a report or image in front of the lens, pick a choice for helping to define the size of the original, and then click the round button at the bottom of the display to capture a file with the help of the hp smart app.

TIP: For the best results, change the camera position to put the original inside the frame provided on the preview screen.

1. Then Set the number of copies or make other adjustments if necessary

 2. Click on the Addition Page icon to add more documents or photos.

3. Click on the Remove icon to erase documents or photos with help of the hp smart app.

4. Click on Resize to change the size of the original in the paper.

5. Now click on Start Black or Start Color to make a copy.

Hp Smart app setup Android or iOS device

1. Open the HP Smart app.

2. Click on the Plus icon if you need to switch to another printer or add a new printer.

3. Now select the scan option in hp smart app, then click Camera.

4. The integrated camera is closed. If you have done changing the scanned file or image, save, upload or print it. Scan your picture or document using your camera by using hp smart app.


Download hp smart app for windows 10, windows 8, windows 8.1, windows 7

123 hp Smart Download Windows 10

You can scan a document or image by using a scanner from a Windows 10 device

1. If your phone includes a screen, you can use the HP Smart app to scan a printed document or picture by means of a camera application. You can then edit, save, print, or share photos with HP Smart.

   2. First Open HP Smart app. To learn more, see the Use of the HP Smart App to print, copy, search, or troubleshoot.

   3. Now click Search, and then click the Camera.

   4. Now Please select a file or image before your camera, then tap or click the round button at the bottom of the photo.

   5. Now Click on the Apply icon.

   6. Make other changes if needed:

Click on Add Pages for additional documents or photos.

Click to rotate or copy the document or picture or change the contrast, brightness, saturation, or angle.

7. Click on the Save button to save it or tap the Sharing icon to sharing it with others.

Editing a document or image

HP Smart app has already been scanned offers editing tools like cropping or rotating, so you can put a scanned document or a picture on your device.

1.First Open HP Smart app. See the HP Smart app for printing, copying, scanning, and problem-solving.

2. Now Select Print, and then select Import.

3. Then choose the file or image you want for modification and click Open.

4. Now Adjust the boundaries if needed. If required, click on the Apply icon.

5. Make more adjustments:

     Click Add Pages for additional documents, or photos.

        Click on Edit to rotate or crop or change the contrast, brightness, saturation, or angle of the document or image.

6. Now Select the type of file you need, then click Save or Send, or send it with others.

Print from hp smart app

1.first download hp smart from hp

2.Open the HP Smart App.

3. If you want to change to any other printer just tap the plus button.

4. Tap on Copy. The integrated camera will open by a smart app.

5. Place a log or image at the entrance of the lens, select a selection to help define unique dimensions, and then click the circular button at the back of the show to show the size of a document.

Tip: For best effects, change the position of the digital camera to place the original within the frame attached to the preview display screen.

6. Set up a set of duplicates or make other changes if needed:

7. Tap the Addition page icon to add additional paperwork or images.

8. Tap the Remove icon to clear documents or views.

9. Tap Resize to resize the paper.

10. Tap on Start Block or Start Color to keep a copy.


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